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K31 regularly organizes art exhibitions in the studio and showroom, always covering different subject areas of the artist's extensive works. Oil paintings, serigraphs, etchings, watercolours and photographs are presented and offered for sale. Every year K31 joins the art-event "KUNSTPUNKTE", days of open studios, organized by the city of Düsseldorf. Individual visits to the artist's room can be arranged through out the year.


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VerseidagAfter a long period of disuse, the silk factory in Krefeld, built by Mies van der Rohe and formerly known as "VerSeidAG", was being restored according to the principles of the Bauhaus and at the same time put to new use after two thousand. During a visit in two thousand and seventeen, the author and artist Karin Karrenberg captured this phase of conversion in pictures. The photographs in this book show pictures like independent painting or compositions as they could only be found in that place at that time. The special view accentuates individual aspects, such as graphic, contrast, play of strong colour or perfect constellation of randomly adjoining elements.
Hardcover; 96 pages; languages: German, English, French
ISBN-13: 9783752848489

The multi-coloured, vivid, Pop Art style serigraphs by Karin Karrenberg go back to an art event that took place in the small East Frisian village Dangast, situated at the Jadebusen gulf on the German North Sea coast, in 1975.
Over the whole weekend of the event Karin Karrenberg watched the sculptor Anatol, one of Josef Beuys' most skilful students, as he produced a sculpture, "Die Jade", and she took documentary photos. "Die Jade" was named after the small inflow of the North Sea in Lower Saxony and was later positioned in the mud-flats of the bay before Dangast. The book makes us experience how Karin Karrenberg produced the serigraphs from her photos and at the same time easily introduces us into the technique of screen printing.
Hardcover; 56 pages; languages: German, English
ISBN-13: 9783752877892

Ca roule Tour
The humorous collages by Karin Karrenberg in this book were created at the foot of the Mont Ventoux. The cycling race of the "Tour de France" often fell into the period of her summer stay in Vaucluse. Around this sporting event she created individual funny postcards with everything that was in some way funny, witty, colourful, typical, stereotyped, contradictory or in other ways useful to convey an amusing picture of her stay at the Ventoux and flat enough to be sticked on a piece of paper and dropped into a postbox.
Hardcover; 116 pages; languages: German, English, French
ISBN-13: 9783741296550

Olde Hut Ulft 2
In this book Karin Karrenberg goes exploring on the factory grounds around the old foundry “Olde Hut“ in Ulft in the Netherlands. During the years of transformation of the factory grounds into a building complex that meets contemporary requirements she found interesting views and subjects, which reflect the encounter of historical construction and modern design and material. Her special view on architecture creates unusual, but harmonious compositions that often surprise the observer.
Hardcover; 120 pages; languages: German, English, French
ISBN-13: 9783738627305

Olde Hut Ulft 1
In this book the Fine Art teacher Karin Karrenberg goes exploring in the old foundry “Olde Hut“ in Ulft in the Netherlands. She finds and takes photos of details from an age in which technology was still something visible. The colour photos, which are shown in full format and technically unchanged, reflect her specific view on the things. Through nearness and the special angle of view she creates unique pictures that sometimes have an abstract or surreal character. They all appear in a very individual range of bright and cheerful colors.
Hardcover; 120 pages; languages: German, English, French
ISBN-13: 9783734796630


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