Karin Karrenberg studied art at the well renowned art academy Düsseldorf in Germany. The centre of her work is oil painting. Objects taken from everyday life are presented in a naturalist manner and still lead the observer astray. Bright, friendly colours, the opposition of space and flatness, of real objects and surreal elements characterize the pictures. In addition to oil painting she produces watercolours, silk screen prints, etchings and photos.

1951 born in Hamburg, Germany

1970 baccalaureate in Bonn, Germany

1970-1976 studies at the Düsseldorf art academy Professors: Bobek, Rissa and Weber

1971 Production of the series of chewing-gum pictures for the Eat Art Gallery of Daniel Spoerri in Düsseldorf, Germany. Meets Jörg Immendorf.

1974 Friendship and close neighbourhood with Katharina Sieverding

1975 Participation in different sessions of "time of work" with the artist Anatol Herzfeld, Master student of Beuys. Photographic documentation of the session in Dangast with the production of the "Jade" in lead.

1975 state exam at the Düsseldorf art academy, Germany

1978 state exam at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf Germany in English language and literature

1979-1981 teacher training at a grammar school in Moers, Germany

1981- present secondary school teacher in Düsseldorf. Subjects: fine art and English

1982- present visual artist, participation in exhibitions showing watercolours, photographs, serigraphies, etchings and oil paintings.

2009. Beginning of the correspondence with François Morellet, Cholet France. 2011. Cooperation and art work realisations for the French artist François Morellet.